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Zero Carbon Ready? How the housing sector must respond to COP26

AoU conference re-use, retrofit, and reconfigured neighbourhoods
18 Apr 2022

Edinburgh's Relationship to the Sea

A design sprint report by Urban C:Lab/ Buro Happold, The Academy of Urbanism, City of Edinburgh Council
1 Feb 2022

Maximising the value of infrastructure from place making and sustainability

Molly Strauss and Phil Smith, Infrastructure Team, Greater London Authority
3 Dec 2021

Rapid Transit and Urban Recovery

How should towns and cities respond?
4 Nov 2021

Investing in Good Places

Kathie Pollard from Scottish Land Commission and Ben Bolgar from The Prince's Foundation
27 Oct 2021

Integrative Placemaking

Report summarising learning from the 2020 "Silo-Busting" event in Dundee.
15 Sep 2021

New communities, new principles?

The pitfalls and pleasures of creating new communities and how unlikely circumstances can shape new principles.
17 Aug 2021

Oxford-Cambridge Arc Spatial Framework: Adapt & prosper – a vision for all?

​Will the spatial framework and the vision deliver for people and communities?
17 Aug 2021

Missions: An approach for shaping urban transformation?

Ryan Bellinson from UCL’s Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose introduces mission-oriented innovation. But will it solve our grand challenges?
4 Aug 2021

Young Urbanists: What's in our mind (maps) today?

Outcomes from the YU Small Grant Scheme Project, 'Can you survive without your smartphone in the city?
21 Jul 2021

Oxford Central West Report

This report documents a workshop to support the future direction of a key growth area within the city of Oxford.
2 Jul 2021

YOU(th)scapes' Zine

This year's Young Urbanists Small Grant Scheme recipients, Jane’s Walk London, launch YOU(TH)scapes!
6 May 2021

Community as Tenant?

Justin Nicholls from Fathom Architects and Jennifer Mui from MRG Studio.
4 May 2021

How to Save a City

Professor Paul Chatterton, Professor of Urban Futures at University of Leeds, on the climate, social and nature challenges facing cities.
26 Apr 2021

Zoning: Learning from Abroad – New Zealand

The Young Urbanists online series of different zoning systems across the world. George Weeks joined us to speak about Auckland, New Zealand.
11 Mar 2021

How to save a city – Professor Paul Chatterton, University of Leeds

Paul outlines some of the key challenges & solutions that are emerging in cities as a response to the triple emergencies – climate, social and nature.
21 Feb 2021

Fawley Waterside – A placemaking case study – John Adams, JDA Planning Consultancy

John Adams, explores the different dimensions of placemaking in a planned new community in the New Forest National Park.
12 Feb 2021

Zoning: Learning from abroad: South Africa

The Young Urbanists online series of different zoning systems across the world. Janine & Tristan joined us to speak about Cape Town, South Africa.
10 Feb 2021

Streets Beyond: Beyond Streets – The Changing Role and Purpose of Public Space

This page recaps on the event that took place on 11 November 2016 at the University of Dundee.
7 Feb 2021

Zoning: Learning from Abroad - USA

The Young Urbanists online series of different zoning systems across the world. Yeonhwa & Chris(sy) joins us to speak about USA.
22 Dec 2020
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