Candidate: Mill Street
Location: Perth, Scotland
Category: The Great Street Award
Year: 2022

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Learning Moments

  • A strong vision and long term leadership is crucial, but it is the determination to see it through to completion which is that true test.
  • Perth’s artistic light projections on blank walls is a great idea, brilliantly executed.
  • Streets get abandoned in the process of change. Mill Street demonstrates that however neglected a street is, it can be saved and enhanced.
  • Covid provided the opportunity to test outside café culture, which has remained in place.


The long term thinking of the local authority to address the negative impact that Mill Street was having on High Street is very impressive. They have turned the problem of what was perceived as a street on the edge of the city into a street that run parallel with and is complementary to the High Street. This has been successfully achieved despite the many obstacles that had to be overcome. Mill Street is now a destination in its own right with very sophisticated design and construction which has transformed the whole area.

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