Candidate: Duke Street
Location: Dennistoun, Glasgow
Category: The Great Street Award
Year: 2023

Other finalists in this category: St Peter's Lane, Canterbury and Venn Street, Clapham (winner)

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Judges' comments:

“Duke Street has been challenged in many ways over the last 150 years. It has always pushed back, with a strong sense of place, displaying resilience and commitment to its residents and around 200 mostly independent businesses. This has often been achieved by local groups as a bottom up urban evolution process. The Meat Market new schemes will have a massive impact, which can be used by the Council to promote further permeability and sustainability improvements.” - Katy Neaves AoU, Great Street Co-Lead Assessor

Learning from Place

Key takeaways from the Duke Street assessment

  • This historic street has a very strong sense of place. Despite the City council wanting to demolish it in the 1970s it has proven to be resilient and adaptable.
  • The high density of residents on the street means that for 150 years it has sustained and high degree of around 200 mostly independent businesses. Density has created diversity and commercial tenacity. 
  • There has been gentrification but this has worked alongside the strong bones of the street and has created a vital mix of tenures, uses and urban personalities.

Thumbnail illustration of Duke Street by David Rudlin AoU, Artist-in-Residence

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