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Paul Hogston will talk about Centenary Quay, a former SEEDA (Homes England) promoted site in Southampton that illustrates how to take a former shipyard and the challenges faced to create a new waterfront development (that is on the wrong side of the river), a vibrant community with over a thousand new homes, a thriving waterside population that has surprised people as to how successful and popular the place has become with new homes, local amenities, gardens, public realm and waterfront tower, all providing a successful regeneration and new access to a waterfront setting. Twelve years and counting….

Lucy Fineberg will talk about how her drive to select an international masterplan project drawing upon high quality waterside and landscape driven design complementing a new mixed use residential and business environment and how bringing together a design led team included a university tutor specialising in theatre design, helped to formulate a new urban design approach for Scott Brownrigg.


Paul Hogston is Head of Residential at Scott Brownrigg, responsible for the design and delivery of significant and complex residential and mixed use projects across the South East of England.

Lucy Fineberg, a Senior Urban Designer at Scott Brownrigg  develops strategic land masterplans across the UK and has a passion to develop international masterplan work and complex UK masterplan projects.

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