Wednesday 8 November 2023, 17:00
The Urbanism Awards Ceremony
The Blue Fin Building, Bankside, London SE1 0SU

Coming into London for the Urbanism Awards Ceremony? Why not make the most of the trip by exploring the wide range of activities and institutions nearby this year's venue, the Blue Fin Building.

Bankside is well connected by all manner of public transport, and is itself a very walkable area. A map and transport links for Blue Fin can be found in our Awards Ceremony FAQs, and our themed lists of things to do nearby can be found below.

Please do your own research into all of these, as they may require advanced booking or have specific timings.

Arts / Culture:

  • Tate Modern (3 min walk)
    The Tate Modern is Blue Fin's next door neighbour and offers both free and paid exhibitions, as well as a bar and kitchen.
  • Shakespeare's Globe (7 min walk)
    An obvious staple of London's literary history, Shakespeare's Globe offers an interesting architectural story, and guided tours run throughout the day.
  • HMS Belfast (20 min walk)
    Once a crucial Royal Navy vessel during the Second World War and the Korean War, the HMS Belfast now sits permanently as a museum on the River Thames, a short walk east from Blue Fin.
  • The National Theatre (15 min walk)
    An iconic brutalist building and home to a vast legacy of British theatre, you might not have time to catch a show, but The National Theatre's archive is open 14:00 - 17:00 to take you through 60 years of the theatre's history. 

Embrace the journey

  • ThamesClipper (Bankside Pier)
    See London from the Thames! Water buses (operated by UberBoat) run throughout the day to Bankside Pier all the way from Greenwich in East London. The route passes the O2 Arena, Tower of London, Canary Wharf, and other landmarks. Contactless and Oyster can be used on these journeys.
  • The Thames Path
    The River Thames has 80 miles of connected riverside pathways, stretching from Hampton Court Palace in Surrey all the way to The Darent in Kent. You might not manage all 80 miles in the morning of the Awards Ceremony, but a mile or two nearer the venue is a very pleasant way to see the city.

Previous Urbanism Awards winners

Borough Market (9 min walk)
Our first ever Great Place, crowned in 2006, Borough Market is a landmark food, social, and cultural hub, with a history stretching back a full millenium. Take a stroll and grab a coffee or bite to soak in all the are has to offer.

Exmouth Market (25 min bus)
Whet your appetite for a night of great streets and more with a trip to our 2011 Great Street winner in the heart of Clerkenwell just north of the river. A short walk down Exmouth Market will offer you all sorts, from coffee and flowers, to drillbits and tattoos.

Granary Square (30 min by Thameslink)
An iconic regeneration scheme just behind King's Cross, if you haven't visited the 2019 Great Place winner, Granary Square yet, seize this opportunity!

Thumbnail photo by Yukon Haughton on Unsplash

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