Urbanism in Our Words

A collective and continuing legacy 

YU Author: Bright Pryde-Saha 

The Young Urbanists – or YUrbs as they were colloquially called in the early days – were the result of an off-handed..

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A View and an Agenda

YU Author: Odysseas Diakakis 

I’ve been a member with the Young Urbanists for the last 6 years, and I can only praise the wide range of..

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Porous Boundaries

YU Author: Jekaterina Ancane 

A simplified definition of public space might sound like ‘accessible for all’ and private space as ‘accessible for owners or selected individuals..

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Measuring the social impacts of regeneration across London

YU Author: Simeon Shtebunaev 

The presumption in favour of sustainable development underpins decision-making across the built environment sector in the UK. The three objectives of sustainable..

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YU Author: Leyla Moy 

In the early 2010s, Westgate Mall was a shell on the near-west side of Madison, Wisconsin. Flanked by a Hy-Vee which continues..

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Urban Heat Islands

YU Author: Raymonde Bieler 

Currently, around two-thirds of the global population face exposure to extreme heat for 20 or more days each year (C40). According to..

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Are we thinking rural enough?

YU Author: Carlos Soto 

In a world with multiple challenges, where both environmental and public health have risen to the top of our priorities, the interplay..

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The Other City Tour

YU Author: Harrison Brewer 

The 2023 Congress began with a series of tours through Cambridge, each uncovering a lesser-known facet of the ancient university town. As..

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