On Wednesday 23 November 2022, the Academy of Urbanism crowned its first European City of the Year; Great Town; Great Neighbourhood; Great Street; and Great Place since 2019, in a ceremony at the English National Ballet's Mulryan Centre for Dance on London City Island.

This year's shortlist spread across the UK, Ireland, and Europe, with four Scottish finalists, three on the island of Ireland, and one in Belgium, Italy, and Spain. The event also featured tours of the development with architects from Glenn Howells and Ballymore, and a Learning from Europe session, hearing from all three of this year's European City finalists.

The Great Place 2022

The Piece Hall, Halifax

“The Piece Hall regeneration project has harnessed a unique and underutilised asset […] for contemporary uses to meet modern aspirations and expectations. The resulting mix of uses, vitality and vibrancy which have been achieved offers important messages for town centres elsewhere.”

 - Francis Newton, Great Place Lead Assessor

The Great Street 2022

Mill Street, Perth

“The long-term thinking of the local authority to address the negative impact that Mill Street was having on High Street is very impressive [..] Mill Street is now a destination in its own right with very sophisticated design and construction which has transformed the whole area.”

- Alistair Barr and Katy Neaves, Great Street Lead Assessors

The Great Neighbourhood 2022

Govanhill, Glasgow

“Through partnership working, community activism, environmental focuses and physical investment, the area has transformed itself over the last decade from one of the most demonised neighbourhoods in Scotland to a desired place to live, work and visit.”

- Carol MacBain, Great Neighbourhood Lead Assessor

The Great Town or Small City 2022

Dún Laoghaire, Ireland

“Dún Laoghaire has identified opportunities to improve the town and is carrying these through to implementation. This is creating lively urban spaces that people value and use, demonstrating an innovative and open-minded approach to sustainable urban change.”

- Tim Challans, Great Town Lead Assessor

European City of the Year 2022

Trieste, Italy

“The whole city centre has benefited from an urban renewal and public realm programme that has reinvented the city as an attractive place to live and visit. It is very walkable with a huge variety of attractive streets and spaces and excellent public transport meeting all needs. Trieste is exceptionally outstanding and more than achieves on all counts what the Academy looks for in a Great European City of the Year.”

- Philip Jackson, European City Lead Assessor

All 2022 Finalists

The Great Place

Brooke Park, Derry
Colquhoun Square, Helensburgh
The Piece Hall, Halifax

The Great Street

Barnes High Street and Church Road, London
Mill Street, Perth
Solar Avenue, Leeds

The Great Neighbourhood

Ballynafeigh, Belfast
Govanhill, Glasgow
Marmalade Lane, Cambridge

The Great Town or Small City

Dún Laoghaire, Ireland
Grantham, England
Inverness, Scotland

The European City of the Year

Málaga, Spain
Mechelen, Belgium
Trieste, Italy

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